Pranayama Workshop

Saturday, May 19

12-2 pm

$30 by May 17, $35 after

   Pranayama is the practice of controlling prana, the vital life force, using certain breathing techniques and practices. In this workshop we will explore different pranayama practices and discuss the physiology and subtler aspects of each, along with why you might choose to practice one over another at different times of the day, year, emotional states and so on.

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Yoga 101

with Kelly Jensen

Sunday, June 3, 12-2pm

Have you ever wondered...
Why or how to use blankets, bolsters and other props in your practice?
What sort of modifications can be made to give you more accessibility in poses that can seem tricky?
How to perfect your seated twists?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this back-to-basics Yoga 101 workshop is for you! We’ll dig into alignment, troubleshoot common challenges in practice, and have the opportunity to learn how to strengthen our practice without the pressure of keeping up with the pace of a regular class. Yoga 101 is ideal for both beginners and those who have a regular practice. Come with questions you’d like answered about modifications, prop use, breath control, or any other practice-related topics you’ve wondered but haven’t been able to ask.
This workshop will be part lecture, part asana practice, so come dressed ready to move your body!

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Sound Meditation

with Ron Fearing

Friday evening, June 22

Time and price to be announced soon!

Space is limited and doors will be locked 5 minutes before the start of the event.

   ShaamaahS is a solo project developed simply through a desire to create a primordial sound that has the ability to engage a phenomenon called “sympathetic resonance”. This primordial sound meditation I've created involves Kargyraa / Dag Kargyraa Throat Singing, matched octave Chakra specific Singing Bowls, and a Shruti Box. This is performed solo and in unison.

    This sound meditation uses esoteric “drone” instruments in a specific tuning that is relative to natural ratios that are seen within the natural world, our physiology, our solar system and ancient cultural paradigms. IE: Fibonacci, Phi, and Pythagorean theorem. Each instrument used in this meditation when combined is something that when experienced is very unique and quite powerful at each progressive level of energy body development. The goal of these sound meditations is to simply perform and provide a meditation that has the potential to relax, improve health, and/or obtain "Trance Meditation" states.


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